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We love it when we hear your stories!  Everyone experienced 9/11, regardless of where we were.  Come share your story here as a comment and we may publish it online!


  1. My husband worked in NY in IT. He had an assignment at WTC on 9/11. Luckily, it didn’t start until 10:00, so he was having coffee at a restaurant across the street. Then all hell broke loose, and he marched across the bridge. He said people were so kind, giving him blankets, food and water. You’d think it would have been noisy, with cries, but there was not a sound as they crossed out away from the City.

  2. My colleague was working in the Washington D.C. area that day. He was approaching Reagan Airport when he heard an explosion. The Pentagon was on fire. Everything was grounded. He didn’t get out for days, but at least we were all safe. This couldn’t be said for many.

  3. My brother lost his girlfriend at the Twin Towers on 9/11. Today, he won’t visit the city.

  4. My husband is a NY Firefighter. He and his partner were investigating the WTC buildings, when an explosion blew him under a car – his partner was crushed by the falling masonry. The car kept him alive, as the building’s masonry collapsed around him. It took days to find him, and more days to dig him out, but he was safe.

  5. I was supposed to meet with ninety clients on 9/11 in our WTC office (WTC1), and I had our support staff coming in to help. Because of the number of clients, no other colleagues were going to use our WTC office, but instead were working out of our Long Island office. Last minute, I decided to postpone my client meetings until the following week, and I canceled with our support staff. As a result, our office was empty on 9/11.

  6. Thank you for this; this is important.

  7. I just remember watching the news and thinking that all Hell had broken loose — it was like the countdown to the end of days from the Bible.

  8. After the WTC show, I started thinking….Bin Laden must have learned a lot from American movies and TV. I hadn’t realized how much “fiction” we created about blowing up the Twin Towers. After seeing the show at the Dime, though, I realized that the Twin Towers were integrated into every aspect of our social fabric, including our “entertainment.” No wonder the towers came down.

  9. We were in La Poutrois, France, and didn’t realize anything had happened (especially of that significance). When we got to Germany, there were fire and military police about (and it made us wonder (never visited Germany before). People were consoling us and then it hit us — WOW!

  10. After 9/11, I thought we were entering WWIII. I fought in WWII, and many I know fought in Korea or Vietnam. There used to be some civility, even on the battlefield. ISIS has no loyalty, no honor, and no civility. I am afraid for our children, because the problem of these extremists will continue for decades, as it has thus far.

  11. My sister worked at the WTC. She had called me at 9, but then the phone went dead. I couldn’t reach her for hours. It turned out that she made it out through the subway, on the 9:11 train. Her life was spared and I’m so grateful.

  12. My husband flew for American Airlines, but was on paternity leave because our daughter was born. Thank goodness because his route was the N.Y. to S.F. that day. GOD BLESS!

  13. I was in 5th grade and a difficult time grasping what had happened. All I knew is that our nation had come together in such a way that made me feel proud. it was a sad time but it was a time that demonstrated our strength as a nation.

  14. Walking into my CT Firm, looking over the shoulder of my Art Director in disbelief at his screen. Found myself taking the weekend building a memorial website for of our clients’ companies that lost employees officed in the tower.

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