The Effects of 9/11 Passed to the Next Generation: Ground Zero Toxins found in Infants’ Teeth

Why is the history of 9/11 so important?  Because it is living history, and in some instances, a tragic ongoing story.  Doctors have discovered that children and adolescents who grew up near Ground Zero, or who were affected by 9/11’s airborne pollutants, may themselves carry the toxins.  New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital is doing a pilot study on the long-term health consequences for children who grew up near Ground Zero.  Check out the full article here

About dkambertodd

A survivor of 9/11, Deirdre Kamber Todd, a lawyer located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, offers assistance to first responders with recovery of their 9/11 Victim Compensation funds, has provided education and display of one of the largest private World Trade Center collections available to the community.

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